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december newsletter

 3rd-7th December-Let us wait for Santa

Mikulásváró hét

Monday: bring a toy to school, connected to Santa

Tuesday: bring your favourite Christmas book to school

Wednesday: wear a red scarf at school!

Thursday: wear a red cap at school to have fun.

Friday: wear a lot of red things on you.





December 7th FRIDAY



Please bring a sleeping bag, and a thin matrass to school, to spend the day and night here with a lot of programmes waiting for Santa….also bring pyjamas and toiletries.


Junior section: procession in red clothes during the morning.

14.00-16.00 Play all afternoon at Elevenpark

Please pay 1600 Ft for tickets at Kriszti.




Further programmes-Year 1-2

17:30-19:30: Dinner, tea house, Santa’s hut

19:30-20:00: Search for presents with your torch

20:00-20:30: Pyjama party-funny pyjama fashion show

20:30-21:30: Christmas waiting fairy tale together

21:30- Good night in your classroom!


Year 3-4

17:30-19:00: Chocolate museum

20:30-21:00: Dinner, teahouse

21:00-22:30: Fairy tale

22:30- Good night!


Senior section will get a message about the specific programme during the week (Year 6-7 are going to the Grand Circus and to a tea house….)

Children can be taken home from school from 9.00 to 10 am on 8th December, Saturday.


December 11th 16:00

School workshop for nursery students


 December 17-19th

Christmas mini show for parents

Year 1, 20th  9:00-10:00 – Christmas presents

                  10:30-11:30 – Christmas show

Year 2 Monday 17th  15.30

Year 3 Wed 19th 16.00

Year 4 Tuesday 18th 16.00





December 20th Thursday 16.00-18.00


All mums, dads, grandparents make cakes every year which are sold at our fair. You can buy cake tickets, so you can taste all the cakes and you can vote for the best.

There will be cake kings and queens chosen by our judging panel.

Money goes to school charity purposes.

Cakes are collected at school from the morning on that day. 




December 21st Friday

Class Christmas

Children give handmade presents to the one who they had picked earlier.

This programme finishes at 12.00 am, then Christmas holiday starts.




December 22nd – 2013 January 2nd

Winter Holiday

First day at school 3rd January-Thursday