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Happy New Year to You





11th January End of first term    


10th january

A presentation by Jenny Morris’ mum

Africa: a Continent of Beauty and Problems

for our Senior section


11th January 15.30

A presentation on allergy: Dr Éltes Eszter


14th January End-term meeting for teachers, junior section


15th January End-term meeting for teachers,  senior section


18th January-Game afternoon, use your logics

An afternoon with many games where students need to use their mathemathical skills.




Students also get their first term certificates with their grades on this day.


19th January

Let’s skate at Marczibányi Square with Gabi néni







22nd January 16.00

Workshop for our would-be first graders


25th January Friday





If you have books, toys, cards, Cds, DVDs or any other bits and bobs you would swap or sell, then your time has come.

Be the seller of the day, you can buy and sell some old things.

Dear Parents, students need some money to take part in this programme. They can have 5,00-2,000 HuF in a purse or wallet. Do not forget please that this market is not just for fun, it can also develop soome important skills which are essential for kids.


31st January

Annual Szabó Magda English Competition, which is held in our school, students can win a lot of English books.