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November Newsletter

November 9th Friday 14:00-14:45

Maths competition at the school


November 10th Saturday-compulsory working day this year for schools in Hungary

Children need their books again as if it was a Friday at school, they will finish at 2pm, school is open until 4. If you want students to stay until 4pm, please inform the year leader teacher.

Year 2  goes to the theatre, year 4 goes to the cinema, by lunchtime they are back. 


November 12th Monday14:30 

Recital competition



November 14th Wednesday

Recital competition final-only for participants!



November 15th Thursday 14:30-15:30

Partner class day, teachers organize this for every class.

Students in year 1, 2, 3, 4 please bring some cakes and a soft drink for the occasion.

Year 3-4, theatre in the morning-information at the year teacher. 



November 19th Monday

Szabó Magda Day

We commemorate the writer: Magda Szabó

We start our proggrammes at 10am, new students get the school tie for the first time.

Please wear the school uniform-white shirt, dark trousers/skirt. We start this day at 9am.


10:00     Pictures of the writer’s life with music

10:15     Forum with our experts about Szabó Magda

10:50     Our new students get their ties

After these children continue their days as usual.



November 20th Tuesday16:00

School opening workshop for our new students in the nursery 



November 21st 17:00

Year 7-8, virtual literature tour in the National Museum-details from Katalin Maksa




November 22nd-Thursday

Eloquence competition for more than 60 participants from schools of Budapest for year 4 students and older

The programme is organized by the Magda Szabó Foundation

Because we are having about 100 guests in school, our students will have a special timetable for the day

Year 1-2 - Museum of Transportation

They will finish that programme at 13.30, parents can take home students from the museum, or from 14.30 at Millenáris park

Year 3-4 - Museum of Military History

After the first two lessons students take part in a special museum programme, parents can take students home at the Millenáris Park at 14.30, please inform our teachers if you cannot pick your child at that time.

Students will get a cold lunch on that day.

Year 5-6 - Library lesson-students need 2 bus tickets, they go to a library after the third lesson, they go home from there, or they can come back to school and they can leave for home after lunch.

Year 7-8, help during the competition

Those who cannot go home earlier on this day, will spend the afternoon in the nursery school in a classroom.



November 26th Monday

Egypt workshop for year 5, by lunchtime they will get back to school.



November 26-30.

Art week-preparation for advent and Christmas in the classrooms.





November 26-30.

Check the boards at the entrance, you can sign up for meetings with different teachers



November 27th 19:00-21:30

Keksz és tea – Contemporary literature evening for year 7-8 Sign up at Maksa Katalin 



November 29th Thursday

History competition for year 5-6 sign up at Priszlinger Zoltán